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You Know You Need a Dedicated Cybersecurity Team, Now What?

Posted by Kevin Landt on Nov 29, 2017

questions.jpgAre you looking to take your cybersecurity program to the next level? One of the most important steps in maturing your security program is moving to a dedicated team responsible for managing cyber risk.

Many organizations try to get by with someone on the IT team wearing the security hat. However, most recognize that this is only a temporary stage that will need to be addressed for several reasons:

  • Regulatory risk – Most compliance frameworks now require continuous security monitoring, incident response, vulnerability management, and other process-driven activities that require specialized personnel.
  • Data breach risk – Senior management and directors are starting to pay attention to the potential impacts as part of their fiduciary duty. These risks include loss of business, litigation, and remediation costs.

Identifying the need for a dedicated security team is the easy part. Building out your capabilities is where things get tricky. There are several options to consider.


Hire Your Own Security Team

Pro: In-house resources have a good understanding of your unique business requirements and risks.

Con: Hiring direct full-time employees can be prohibitively expensive and you are likely to be limited to monitoring during business hours.


Outsource to an MSSP

Pro:  An MSSP can provide device management for firewalls, IDS, and other technologies, reducing the burden on in-house staff.

Con: MSSP’s often lack expertise in threat detection and will not provide incident response guidance.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Pro: This new class of vendor provides a focus on threat detection and response that can supplement your in-house staff.

Con: Some MDR services are not truly 24/7 operations and limit you to a narrow detection methodology and toolset of their choosing.


In reality, you’re likely to find that some combination of these options will best meet your needs.

What’s next in maturing your security program? Cygilant’s Director of Security Research explores this topic in our recent webcast…

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