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WPA3 Is Coming. How Should Your Security Program Change?

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jul 3, 2018

wifi security - WPA3By now, you’ve likely heard that the next wireless security protocol has been announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance. WPA3, builds on previous Wi-fi Protected access standards and is designed to address issues with encryption in the previous standard (such as the KRACK exploit on WPA2 revealed late last year). The new standard will utilize 192-bitencrpytion and Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) which will ensure communications between router and device each use their own encryption keys, rather than sharing data. There are also new protections against dictionary attacks. The standard is not likely to be broadly adopted until 2019 and may require new hardware if updated firmware is not issued for existing devices.

So, the question is, with better Wi-Fi security, does this change anything with your security program? The simple answer is no. Whether you choose to adopt hardware that supports the new standards or not, your security program must remain vigilant. These new standards only harden entry to one point on your network. Given that all previous Wi-Fi standards have eventually been cracked, it’s reasonable to assume that hackers have just been issued a new challenge that will, in time, be overcome. It’s solid advice to adopt a ‘defense in depth’ strategy to secure and protect at multiple levels, not only on the perimeter. As we see a move towards hybrid/cloud environments and concepts of “zero trust,” this model for security becomes more and more significant. You can no longer assume that keeping malicious actors outside of your network will be enough. Hackers will make it through firewalls, through access points, and you must do all you can to detect and mitigate the damage at each step to prevent a data breach from a critical database or server.

Cygilant helps our customers deploy and manage best-of-breed security technologies that align with a defense-in-depth strategy through our security-as-a-service solutions. Our 24x7 Global SOC team of security experts can monitor your network around the clock to detect and provide guidance for any security incidents. Our team can also scan for vulnerabilities and available patches across your network, providing an auditable workflow to deploy the necessary patches and remediation to reduce your attack surface.

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