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Why the Cloud Is Good for IT Security Services

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Sep 19, 2016

The cloud offers greater IT services than on-premise solutions because it's highly secure.
The cloud offers greater IT services than on-premise solutions because it's highly secure.

Can IT professionals rely on the cloud to keep their data safe and secure like they did floppy disks, compact disks and flash drives? After all, for years those units were staple features of business operations and storage. Each of those items proved their worth, but eventually fell in favor to new technology. This time, it's the cloud.


"It's not a matter of managing IT security as it is ensuring a breach never happens."

The question today is whether IT professionals can trust the cloud to keep their data secure all the time. Data breaches are a major problem, especially in the banking industry, so it's not a matter of managing IT security as it is ensuring a breach never happens.


For those who are skeptical, don't be. An Information Security report noted that 70% of industry leaders use the cloud or plan to use it, and roughly 40% of respondents use the cloud heavily. If the cloud were unsecure, these numbers would be much, much lower.


What aspects of the cloud make it perfect for IT security services? Here are a couple of features:

1. The cloud can be more secure than on-premise solutions

Of course, some IT professionals (especially on-site ones) may disagree, but it's crucial that you know how highly IT experts think of the cloud.


David Linthicum, SVP of Cloud Technology Partners, believes the cloud is actually more secure than on-premise solutions for a number of reasons including aging technology and more sophisticated IT providers.


"What public clouds bring to the table are better security mechanisms and paranoia as a default, given how juicy they are as targets," noted Linthicum, writing for InfoWorld. "The cloud providers are much better at systemic security services, such as looking out for attacks using pattern matching technology and even AI systems. This combination means they have very secure systems"


Because of these strong defenses, Linthicum suggests hackers may feel more comfortable attacking on-premise systems.

2. Location is everything

Could the cloud's location - which is really in no location at all - be its greatest strength? According to Ben Rossi, editorial director for Information Age, it's certainly one of them.


Rossi suggests that employee errors and malevolent actions are always the chink in the armor of on-premise systems. When storage is placed in the cloud, it's actually more secure.


"Employees are physically removed from where the data is stored and don't have the personal relationships with the person who does have access to the data," said Matt Davies, senior director of EMEA marketing at Splunk, according to Information Age. "The argument could be made that the lack of physical access and relationships with people could make data in the cloud more secure."


So don't hesitate to move to the cloud. Many IT professionals are already making the move, comfortable with where cloud security stands and where it's heading.


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