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Why I Joined Cygilant | Steven Mulvenna

Posted by Steven Mulvenna on Sep 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly changing the cybersecurity landscape. One example is the increase in cybersecurity incidents stemming from shadow IT as workers eagerly introduce new technologies and software apps to support their work from home (WFH) environments. Another effect of the pandemic is a rise in attacks against small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as cybercriminals seek to capitalize on resource-constrained businesses.


Many SMEs falsely believe they are too small to be a target but, according to a recent statement from the U.S. Small Business Administration, “Cyber attacks are a growing concern for small businesses.” In addition, most SMEs have limited resources and don’t have the people, time, or budget necessary to effectively protect themselves from advanced malware, phishing, and other types of attacks.


Cygilant solves this problem by offering a service that makes enterprise-level cybersecurity accessible and affordable to SMEs. The company’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service helps organizations manage, detect and respond to cyber threats 24x7x365. Cygilant acts as an extension of customers’ teams, so existing IT/security professionals can focus on more strategic initiatives.


You may have seen the recent news on Cygilant’s new office and Security Operations Center (SOC) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Once I learned about the company’s first expansion into the European market, I couldn’t stop thinking about how many SMEs I could help through Cygilant, especially when I compared it to my security role for an IT firm at the time. I also knew the company had aggressive growth plans for Europe and knew it would be an excellent opportunity for me to help further solidify Belfast as a global cybersecurity hub.


For these reasons, I’m thrilled to share that I recently joined the Cygilant team in Belfast as a cybersecurity advisor.


When I made the decision to join Cygilant, I thought it was a good time to get involved because it would give me the opportunity to get in early to a business that I think will become a vital part of the European tech ecosystem. These dreams and expectations have already started to materialize after only a couple of months with the company. The Cygilant leadership team has already brought me into ongoing conversations about extended plans and its expansion strategy over the coming months and years.


Belfast is a vibrant market and a very competitive one. The cybersecurity advisor position gives me an opportunity to grow and diversify my career, as well as provide hands-on customer service. I love feeling like I’m truly helping SMEs succeed – and I feel that way with Cygilant.


I recently finished the onboarding process and, despite not being able to meet the team in person, have been able to hit the ground running. Cygilant has created an immersive onboarding process that helped me familiarize myself with the company’s people, processes, and technology quickly. Since day one, everybody at Cygilant has been very welcoming and eager to acquaint me with our customers. The whole onboarding process was seamless. I look forward to getting into the office to meet everybody in person but, for now, feel like I have the next best thing.


If this sounds like a position or company you’d be interested in, Cygilant’s currently hiring for multiple positions for its Belfast office as well as other locations. To learn more about careers at Cygilant, visit:

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