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Why are Cybersecurity Programs Thankful for SIEM and Patch Management?

Posted by Security Steve on Nov 27, 2017


As you are coming back from the Thanksgiving weekend and looking forward to the holiday season with friends and family we wanted to take a moment to explain what we are thankful for at Cygilant. 

As many know, security information and event management (SIEM); the part of a cybersecurity program that analyzes real-time events and alerts triggered by software or devices has been around quite some time.  At Cygilant we have spent over a decade building a platform for analyzing SIEM data.  It was not an easy task. As many in the security industry know, working with SIEM data is no small undertaking. So, to say we are very thankful for vendors and technologists that continue to develop and support SIEM is an understatement.

Next, as we reviewed the security breaches of 2017 we realized we are thankful for patch management.  The vast majority of the 2017 breaches (so far) could have been avoided by proper patch management.  Good patch management includes not only deployment strategies but auditing patches and reporting as well.  Developers work tirelessly to create patches that help keep our systems secure.  Punctual deployment of these patches and proper reporting can identify an attack surface and minimize risk to your company. 

The internet is a wonderful place to communicate and share ideas for both personal and corporate needs.  One area that helps the “knowledge super-highway” run without much acknowledgement but deserves all of our thanks this holiday season is security professionals.  Security professionals work hard to keep our systems safe by administrating systems, identifying new vulnerabilities, developing defensive code, and writing security policies. Thank you, Security Professionals, for all the work you do.

Happy Holidays, may your holidays be breach free!

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Tags: Security Best Practices, SIEM, Patch Management

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