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What’s Going On In Your Cloud?

Posted by Kevin Landt on Jan 14, 2020

It’s 1pm on a Tuesday. Do you know what’s going on in your cloud?


As new companies launch and old ones modernize their systems, there’s one constant that’s becoming clear – a majority of a company’s data is now being used and stored outside of the traditional office network perimeter. This is a big change from the on-premises and hybrid situations of the recent past.


With the full acceptance of the cloud, networks have become more complex, yet at the same time, it’s become more important than ever for IT teams to have full visibility into their cloud-based resources, including all access controls, configurations and data usage. Visibility is needed to make sure traffic is flowing as intended and there are no breaches or misconfigurations that would need immediate attention.


Here at Cygilant, we understand this. We’ve been hard at work making sure that all of the latest cloud technologies and platforms are supported by our monitoring solutions. Our customers need enterprise-class cloud visibility and control – and as a part of our continued dedication to service, today we announced some new features of our SecureVue Cloud Platform:


  • Expanded Security Content for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Threat Detection – an updated set of alert policies for detecting suspicious or malicious activity in AWS CloudTrail events and VPC Flow logs are now part of SecureVue Cloud.
  • Sophos Cloud Support – SecureVue Cloud clients can now collect and manage logs from Sophos Central – and can pair it with 24x7 monitoring by Cygilant’s global Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to detect potential threats.

Our SecureVue Cloud Platform enables clients to quickly gain comprehensive visibility into their cloud-based operations, making it easier to identify potential problems and make needed changes. In recent years, cloud vendors have made audit logs and events available through APIs – and here at Cygilant, we’ve invested in making sure our cloud monitoring solutions integrate with these data sources and provide full visibility at any time.


SecureVue Cloud is part of our security monitoring service which includes a dedicated Cybersecurity Advisor and 24x7 incident monitoring. If you’d like see a demo, register here

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