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Vulnerability and Patch Management Remains a Key Step in Cyber Defense

Posted by Trevan Marden on Feb 23, 2018

Cyber DefenseWith the Center for Internet Security (CIS) set to launch version 7 of the CIS Controls (formerly the SANS Critical Security Controls) this March 19th, it’s a great time to review your cybersecurity posture and make sure you’re keeping pace.  The latest update is expected to make minor changes that reflect the changing security landscape. While prioritization of the controls may change, it’s unlikely that many of the core controls will change substantively. CIS says that implementing just the first five controls can be an effective defense against the most common cyberattacks (~85% of attacks). Currently these top 5 controls include knowing what devices and software are on your network, how those devices and software are configured, controlling administrative privileges, and performing continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation.

With data breaches in the news, we see time and time again that the cause of many of these breaches was failure to install patches to address known vulnerabilities. The breaches are rarely caused by ‘zero-day’ attacks, but rather hackers are exploiting widely known vulnerabilities that the organization neglected to guard against by applying the latest patches. Oftentimes organizations do not have the time, resources, or technology needed to effectively identify vulnerabilities and implement the necessary remediation. This can mean a critical vulnerability may go unpatched for weeks or even months.

Cygilant recently introduced a new security-as-a-service offering to help organizations overcome exactly this challenge. Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management, is a subscription service available via the SOCVue Security Operations and Analytics Platform. The service provides access to our 24x7 Global SOC (GSOC) team of security experts to manage the vulnerability and patching technology and provides a single-pane-of-glass view to see identified vulnerabilities and the patches that address them. We provide an auditable workflow to review and deploy patches, prioritized based on risk to your organization. You can quickly see vulnerabilities and available patches, as well as the link between patches and the vulnerabilities they resolve. From there you can review and schedule deployment of the patches.  This unique integration of vulnerability and patch management can help your organization quickly reduce your attack surface, helping you stay protected against the latest threats.

Curious about Cygilant Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management? Watch this brief video to learn more:

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