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How a Security Breach Hurts Your Businesses' Bottom Line

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Oct 24, 2016

Security breaches can greatly impact your company's bottom line.

As a business owner, you need to take IT security seriously. Not doing so threatens your company's bottom line due to lost customers and revenue - and possibly top officials if they lose their jobs, which can destabilize departments.


As proof IT security can cost your company a bundle of money, let's first examine data regarding how customers feel about and act towards companies that have been breached.

Are These 3 Cybersecurity Risks Keeping You Up at Night?

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Jul 25, 2016


Companies stand to lose a lot if they are hacked. They risk lawsuits, loss of brand equity, theft of intellectual property, and more. Among other dangers, there are three especially common cybersecurity threats that may bring this nightmare to life for any organization and can haunt those charged with protecting the company if they don't have the resources to do so. Those threats are ransomware, insiders, and vulnerability hacks—and here's what IT teams can take to defend against them.

Millennials and Cybersecurity: Growing Risk?

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jul 7, 2016


Millennials often seem to clash with other generations in the workforce due to their differing attitudes and expectations at work and the result can be unhappy Millennials and unhappy managers, as detailed in this Inc. article. With Millennials already accounting for more than one third of the workforce currently and set to hit roughly half of the workforce by 2020, it begs the question of how Millennials and their differing attitudes and expectations will affect the state of cybersecurity at the workplace in the coming years.

BYOD and Cloud Technology Named Top Security Concerns

Posted by Vijay Basani on Apr 22, 2015

A study conducted by IT research company Wisegate found that BYOD practices and cloud technology are the two new threats that make IT departments worry. Out of the hundreds of senior IT professionals surveyed, 51% said that BYOD policies were a top risk for their company. Only 32% of respondents said data breaches and malware were a top security threat. Data breaches and malware are still considered risks that IT professionals are worried about. These data breaches can occur through insecure BYOD policies.

FTC Finds Security Risks in IoT Devices

Posted by Vijay Basani on Feb 18, 2015

According to an estimation by the Federal Trade Commission, there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet as of this year. By 2020, the number of connected devices will have increased to 50 billion. In November of 2013, the FTC conducted a workshop on the Internet of Things, and the privacy and security risks that connected devices have. The FTC then released a report on how to protect personal data gathered by IoT devices. 

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