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Calculating the Real Cost of a Cyber Attack

Posted by Trevan Marden on Aug 30, 2016

As cyber attacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, businesses are exposed to increasing risk. At the same time, companies continue to face the challenges of limited time, budgets, and staff to implement effective security programs in order to counter the growing threat of cyber attacks. With a global IT security skills shortage, many companies are struggling to stay secure.

Defend Your Spend: Calculating ROI for Cyber Security

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jan 28, 2016


Despite increasing frequency of security incidents and growing media attention on cyber attacks and data breaches, many security experts still find it difficult to convince management to approve the security investments they need to protect the organization. Often the decision comes down to balancing security costs with the acceptable risk for the organization. It is therefore highly important for security pros to find ways to put hard data behind their investments as justification.

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