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Protecting Against Google Docs Phishing Attacks

Posted by James Cote on Oct 5, 2017

Phishing attacks are proving to be more and more effective in recent months, and a frightening new trend has emerged using a highly useful and trusted software as a method of infiltration. Google Documents or “Google Docs” are heavily used in small businesses due to its flexibility and cloud-based storage, however it is frequently being used to trick employees all over the world into infecting their machines with a range of malware and credential stealers. Google Documents has been a very handy tool for several years now allowing multiple people to work on one project at the same time while keeping track of editing. It’s an incredibly powerful tool.

Can Google Rid The World Of Cyber Attacks?

Posted by Security Steve on Jul 21, 2014

The short answer is a resounding No.  But, it is a nice marketing strategy and certainly a lofty goal.  Google announced a new team called Project Zero last week with the express intention of ridding the world of cyber attacks and garnered CNN headlines for their efforts because, well, they’re Google.  And if Google says they can do something it must be true.

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