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3 Things About Cybersecurity Your Boss Wants to Know

Posted by Kevin Landt on Oct 25, 2016

Are CEOs aware of cybersecurity best practices? They should be.

Managers are versatile employees who understand how to run departments and motivate employees, but they may not always be the most well informed about cybersecurity. However, this isn't their fault!


The landscape of cybersecurity changes every day, and IT professionals must always stay on their toes to protect networks against new, advanced phishing and malware attacks. After all, cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new holes and weakness to exploit. Department managers simply don't have the time to run teams and IT security practices. 


IT professionals need to keep management well informed about new IT security protocols, updates, possible breaches, and actual attacks. In more detail, here are three things your boss wants to (or should know) about cybersecurity:

Why Are Boards STILL Struggling With Cybersecurity Management In 2016?

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on May 12, 2016

According to the ITRC Data Breach Reports 2016, as of May 3, 2016, there have already been 348 reported data breaches that have exposed 11,361,547 records! Yet, even with this rapid rise of data breaches, Boards of Directors are still struggling with how to handle their organization’s cybersecurity posture. And the million-dollar question still remains – Why?


Simply put, Boards do not receive the necessary information and do not have the best knowledge of today’s cybersecurity threat landscape.

Cyber Criminals Are Everywhere and Your Organization’s Executives May Not Realize the Dangers They Face

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Apr 27, 2016

Given the frequency of cyber attacks these days, there’s a very good chance your organization has already been targeted by a cyber attack, such as phishing, at least once by now. The good news? You were able to defend yourself against it this time. But what about the next cyber attack? And the one after that? And the one after that? And the one after that? Cyber criminals will never stop and their cyber attacks won’t either. What’s worse, attacks are only going to get more relentless and difficult to defend against as time goes on because hackers are finding easier ways to infiltrate organizations through simple, yet effective techniques such as phishing and ransomware. Time is on their side and all they have to do is sit and wait for the right moment to strike.

Cybersecurity in 2016: Work Together Or Die Alone

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Mar 31, 2016


Recently EiQ wrote about executive teams' perspective on cybersecurity and how organizations should collaborate, both internally and externally, to defend against cyber attacks. There is a serious need for companies to increase collaboration on cybersecurity and share critical information about vulnerabilities in order to prevent future hacks.

The Executive Team's Perspective: Why Cybersecurity Needs More Attention

Posted by Security Steve on Mar 15, 2016


In the past, cybersecurity was a concern relegated to the IT department. But given how likely their organizations are to be a target for hackers, C-suite leaders are realizing that they too need to address their organizations' digital defenses. According to a 2016 IBM report, executives generally recognize cybersecurity as a top priority, but they share misconceived views on threat sources and effective approaches.


It's critical that top management become more involved in online security issues, but in order to effectively contribute, they'll need to change their current mindset; here's how.


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