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Data Breach Prevention: Why You Should Hire a Hacker (and What to Look For)

Posted by Security Steve on Feb 22, 2016


As cyber attacks grow in number and severity, it’s crucial for SMEs to ensure that their networks are secure. One tactic they can use to prevent a breach from happening is hiring a penetration tester (or “pen tester”). A pen tester is a qualified professional who will attempt authorized intrusions into a company’s systems for the purpose of documenting vulnerabilities.


Companies need to think about when a pen tester would be most beneficial. But when hiring one, they also need to know what kind of qualifications and skills they should look for.

Qualities to Consider

Businesses should be careful to choose a credible pen tester. You can assess their reputation by checking to see if the potential ethical hacker participates in conferences, contributes to open-source projects, and responsibly publishes vulnerabilities.


Security Jobs: The Rise of Professional and Preventive Hacking

Posted by Security Steve on Nov 2, 2015

The word “hacker” has a terrible reputation and the process of hacking as a whole is poorly understood. To comprehend why a hacker can—and should be—your friend, you need to start anew and lose the negative connotation that hacking has.

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