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The Most Alarming Assumptions About Network Security

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Jan 15, 2016


Many small- to medium-sized enterprises haven’t given enough attention to network security monitoring of their cyber defenses. But not properly surveying an organization's network for threats can lead to dangerous results. Here are three of the biggest misunderstandings about network security monitoring.

Assumption #1: Endpoint Security Is Enough

It’s a common assumption that if the network entry points made by individual devices—employee laptops, warehouse processing terminals—are secure, then nothing else needs to be done. Familiarity with common endpoint security such as anti-virus scanners and anti-spyware programs breeds a false sense of security. Simply because individual devices are secure does not mean the overall network is safe from cyber threats.


Two Critical Reasons Why Endpoint Security Isn't Enough

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Dec 30, 2015

Cybersecurity divides into several areas of focus, each of which demand attention from a security team in order for them to defend their organization against today's advanced threats. Many individuals are most familiar with endpoint security—biometric readers, anti-virus programs—and that familiarity may mislead them into thinking that endpoint security alone is sufficient. The reality is, other areas must also be covered—especially network security. 

Is It Time to Disable Flash Once and For All?

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jul 28, 2015

With more zero-day exploits for Flash being released – including notable recent revelations that arose from the Hacker Group hack – security experts everywhere are mulling the benefits and risks of enabling Flash. 


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