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The Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security

Posted by Security Steve on Oct 22, 2019

Updated October 2019

Although data privacy and data security are often used as synonyms, they share more of a symbiotic type of relationship. Just as a home security system protects the privacy and integrity of a household, a data security policy is put in place to ensure data privacy. When a business is trusted with the personal and highly private information of its consumers, the business must enact an effective data security policy to protect this data. The following information offers specific details designed to create a more in depth understanding of data security and data privacy.

Improving Your Online Privacy in Five Easy Steps

Posted by John Linkous on Apr 18, 2017

Most of us think about information security in terms of what hackers, malware, and other bad actors can do to compromise our systems and data.  And while that’s certainly a critical concern, we sometimes forget about another aspect of information security: protecting our privacy.  The privacy debate is one that has raged for many years.  Today it is often equated with government intrusion, and while this is certainly a legitimate macro-level concern, there are other sinister threats that can be realized when we lose our digital privacy; identity theft, cyberstalking and online bullying, and physical assault due to location disclosure from digital assets (think geolocation inside of devices and geotagging metadata within digital media) are all real-world risks if we don’t protect ourselves.  And while privacy and security are not the same thing, good security definitely improves privacy.

What to Do When Your Personal Data Has Been Stolen

Posted by Security Steve on May 6, 2016


Hackers compromise the personal information of millions of people in the United States every year. Indeed, approximately half the country's adultssuffered this fate in 2014, making many people wonder what to do if their data has been hacked. Taking immediate action can help reduce the serious fallout from a breach.

Where Should You Back Up Your Data? 3 Tips for Keeping Your Information Safe

Posted by Kevin Landt on May 2, 2016


To maintain successful business operations, companies must be able to depend on the extraordinary amounts of digital information they process daily. Data loss can bring an organization's work to a sudden and costly stop. Unfortunately, some enterprises rely on cobbled-together, ill-advised measures to back up data—such as employees emailing themselves copies of files—and some enterprises do not make backups at all. Quality backup practices are necessary if firms are to safeguard themselves from data loss.


Here are three tips for keeping private information secure, with a special focus on where to store backup data.

Apple vs FBI: Who’s in Control of Protection and Privacy

Posted by Kevin Landt on Apr 15, 2016


The days when cybersecurity was a niche topic are long gone. Today network security controversies play out in the news and in the courts on a daily basis. One recent example—the legal case between the FBI and Apple—shows how data privacy is impossible without data security.


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