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These Are the Most Vulnerable Industries for Cyberattacks

Posted by Kevin Landt on Oct 23, 2015

As more nation-state actors get into the hacking game, businesses and governments become more interested in which industries are the most vulnerable. To answer that question, you have to ask which are inherently the most vulnerable, which are the most desirable for hackers, and where do the two meet?


A lot of hacking is devoted to making money, communicating a message, or just making a mess. Cyberwarfare, however, has only ever really happened if you count the Stuxnet attack on Iran’s nuclear program, which actually succeeded in creating physical damage. But it seems safe to say nation-states—your own and others, both friendly and not—are going to be as interested in cyberwarfare as they are in cyber-espionage.

How Cyberwarfare is Becoming More Sinister and Elaborate

Posted by Vijay Basani on Sep 17, 2015

If we accept a definition that includes destruction as its primary element—of lives, materials or infrastructure—there has been very little, if anything, that could truly be called “cyberwarfare,” despite how frequently the term gets bandied about in the media.

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