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EiQ Networks in The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Sep 30, 2015


Continuous security monitoring has become the new norm for employers as they battle today's growing cyber security threats. Not only do they have to worry about threats from the outside, they have to be concerned about internal risk from employees as well. With so much to do in IT security already, how can employers alleviate some of the burdens? Working with EiQ Networks is an optimal way to resolve your company's IT security concerns because we have the right people, process, and technology in place to make it happen.

Anthem Data Breach – Did it really start in April 2014?

Posted by Security Steve on Feb 27, 2015

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Anthem as they remain in a constant loop of bad news.   Clearly this will continue to stay newsworthy as the investigation deepens and the fall out continues.  As we talked about last time, the data the hackers stole includes names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, street and email addresses, and medical IDs. Also included in the data leak is employment information and income.   And as the headlines suggest, the cost of the data breach is likely to exceed $100 million.

Northeast Blizzard: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Posted by Security Steve on Feb 2, 2015

The business capital of the world braced for a blizzard last week — and everything froze. Two feet of snow was expected in New York City (the actual totals were a lot lower), where Mayor Bill de Blasio banned non-essential vehicles from the road – including the city's arguably essential food delivery cars, trucks and bicycles.

New Years Resolutions

Posted by Security Steve on Jan 12, 2015

As we get into the new year, all businesses are looking to their priorities for 2015, and if this past year has taught IT departments anything, it’s that data security needs to be high up on the agenda.  So what’s in store for cyber security in 2015?

Holiday Shopping Blues

Posted by Security Steve on Dec 22, 2014

Despite an onslaught of recent retail security breaches — including at household names like Target, Home Depot and SuperValu, - news reports such as Business Insider tell us that consumers are gearing up for a robust holiday shopping season.  And Deloitte’s 2014 annual holiday survey sums it up nicely: “Consumers report that their holiday spending will be up this year, as they continue to change their shopping habits as well as their expectations of retailers.”

5 More Reasons to Consider a Managed Security Service

Posted by Kevin Landt on Nov 24, 2014

In our last post we discussed five reasons why companies should consider utilizing a security service provider to fill budget, resource and skills gaps. Here is the continuation of 10 reasons to consider a managed security monitoring service instead of an in-house SIEM deployment:

10 Reasons to Consider a Managed Security Service

Posted by Kevin Landt on Nov 17, 2014

There is no doubt that security monitoring is important regardless or company size or industry. According to the respected Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, “…we don’t see any industries flying completely under the radar. …everyone is vulnerable to some type of event.” The question is how to implement an effective program. Many companies jump into a project without considering managed security monitoring as an alternative to an in-house SIEM deployment.

Cybersecurity Breaches for Financial Institutions – the Pain Continues….

Posted by Security Steve on Nov 3, 2014

“Theft of information assets, disruption of services and wrongful disclosure are believed to be the most serious cyber security threats to an organization’s information assets. The most serious consequences from a cyber attack or intrusion are the loss of intellectual property, productivity decline and lost revenue." - Ponemon Institute, 2013(1)

Staples Data Breach Causes Concerns

Posted by Vijay Basani on Oct 29, 2014

Office supply retailer Staples announced that it is “investigating possible payment card data thefts,” according to BBC News.

Is Your Security Intelligence Actionable?

Posted by Security Steve on Oct 27, 2014

Do you have any idea what the average amount of money that enterprises have spent in the past 12 months to resolve the impact of exploits? If you guessed $10 million you were not only correct but probably had to write the check.  If you didn't, you should be a bit shocked at this number.  What do you think the number would have been if they had actionable intelligence about cyber attacks within 60 seconds of a compromise? Yep, time is critical as an of average $4 million in savings would have occured. These numbers come from Ponemon Institute’s latest research findings, Live Threat Intelligence Impact Report 2013.

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