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Apple vs FBI: Who’s in Control of Protection and Privacy

Posted by Kevin Landt on Apr 15, 2016


The days when cybersecurity was a niche topic are long gone. Today network security controversies play out in the news and in the courts on a daily basis. One recent example—the legal case between the FBI and Apple—shows how data privacy is impossible without data security.


Apple Watch and Security

Posted by Security Steve on Mar 23, 2015

All hail the Apple Watch.  Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the company's entry into the smartwatch arena last week (March 10). It can double as your hotel key, wallet, workout tracker, etc. It also reportedly tells time. Prices start at $349, but if you’re looking for a way to spend $10,000, you can do that too. This watch is a big deal for The Fruit, since it’s the first new product category the company has launched without Steve Jobs. Whether it will be essential for providing “new ways to communicate with our loved ones, use the apps you love on your phone and even control a smart-home” (one app, from Alarm dot Com, allows you to both unlock your garage, open it, and watch the video of the entire process—on your watch) remains to be seen, but our guess is that Cook and team will likely deliver. 

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