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The Quiet Attack! No Warnings, No Alerts, No Alarms. Got That Covered?

Posted by Security Steve on Feb 20, 2015

We often hear about how the cyber hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and more clever, causing businesses to invest in expensive SIEM Log Management systems, Vulnerability Scanners,  Next Gen Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and a host of other add-ons to insure cyber security within their environments.

Retail Confidence Needs Continuous Security Intelligence

Posted by Security Steve on Dec 8, 2014

In recent weeks several major retail chains (Target, Kmart, Home Depot) have announced security breaches with more certainly under attack. These types of attacks are hardly new, just new to retail.  And retailers are struggling to maintain consumer confidence and respond to new requirements for security.  But it’s important to remember though that breaches occur on an ongoing basis.  The headlines certainly focus on the substantial breaches, but we think the reality is most organizations have incidents of all kinds on a regular basis, whether that's a lost laptop with personal information or a box of paper records that goes missing.

Looking at SIEM and Beyond– New IT Survey Shows What’s Important Now

Posted by Vijay Basani on Mar 10, 2014

EiQ is often referred to as pioneer SIEM but we are also considered visionary and willing to break the mold.  Committed to the challenges of combating today’s information security threats with renegade information security and compliance solutions and services, EiQ is also laser focused on transforming how organizations identify threats, mitigate risks and enable compliance.


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