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Top 3 Benefits of a 24/7 SOC Service

Posted by Trevan Marden on May 4, 2018

Round-the-clock SOCA few months back, I shared how to get a 24x7 SOC without hiring. Today, let’s talk more about why you can’t afford to wait to get a 24x7 SOC up and running.  Every company, no matter what industry or size, is now the target of cyberattacks. There is no organization immune from the threat posed by internal and external threats.  Smaller companies may be even more susceptible to the risks of security breaches, ransomware, and intellectual property theft, simply because they often lack the resources needed to properly monitor, identify incidents, and respond in a timely fashion.

All too often, the challenges of too little time, not enough staff, and limited budgets cause organizations to forgo the necessary security programs they need to protect data across their networks.  Some organizations falsely believe that they are ‘too small to be a target,’ believing that only companies with strong brand recognition will be targeted by cybercriminals.  However, while breaches at major brands may gain more media attention, hackers don’t discriminate. They are skilled at finding the gaps in your security to infiltrate and to cause damage to your organization. If your organizations is facing challenges with building and staffing a 24x7 SOC, a cost-effective option could be a SOC as a Service, leveraging our team of security experts to provide 24x7 monitoring, alerting and guidance. Here are the top 3 benefits of a 24x7 SOC service:

  • Access best-of-breed security technologies without large upfront acquisition costs
    For organizations with limited budgets, purchasing enterprise security solutions can be prohibitively expensive. The upfront cost of software combined with training expenses and professional services to properly deploy the solution can easily exceed limited budgets. However, with SOC-as-a-Service solutions, you get access to enterprise-class software delivered as a subscription. You also gain the flexibility to adapt your purchase to your needs as they evolve over time. With cloud-based deployment options available, you won’t need to worry about managing hardware and storage constraints.
  • Get the round-the-clock coverage you need
    For many of organizations, providing round-the-clock security monitoring on their own isn’t easy. You need to staff your SOC with three full-time shifts per day, seven days a week. This number of trained security professional can be expensive and with a global shortage of security talent, you may face a challenging time even finding the talent you need. However, hackers don’t work only during your business hours, so you need to stay protected always. A SOC as a Service can complement your own security team with a team of trained security experts who monitor your network 24x7 and provide and alerts and guidance on any identified security issues, giving you the visibility you need.
  • Implement proven security practices
    It’s important to make sure you are following best practices for your security program, ensuring you stay in compliance with applicable regulations for your industry. By leveraging an experienced team of security experts as an extension of your team, who partner with you to help continuously improve your security posture, a SOC as a Service can help to make sure you are following best practices and meeting compliance objectives. You benefit from their experience working with a wide range of customers and tailoring guidance to meet your business needs.

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