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Thinking About Security as a Service? 7 Reasons Why It's Time to Stop!

Posted by Kevin Landt on Mar 15, 2018

Time to StopHave you been thinking about using Security as a Service to supplement your team? If any of the statements below apply to your company, it’s time to stop thinking about it and start a new approach that incorporates Security as a Service into your operations.

  1. You’re not getting value out of your SIEM
    SIEM is notorious for being underutilized, and the problem is usually about resources. According to a recent survey, 68% of respondents said that while their SIEM is useful, they would need additional staff to maximize its value. Security as a Service address that challenge by providing the security operations staff that you need to get good value from your technology investment. That results in better visibility, improved threat detection, and stronger compliance posture.

  2. You don’t have 24x7 coverage
    Attacks don’t always occur during business hours. If that’s when you monitor event logs, you have a lot of catching up to do each day when you arrive at the office. You’re likely to get a late start on incident response or even miss important events altogether. Security as Service provides 24x7 coverage so that alerts are triaged, investigated and put into the incident response platform as they occur. You are less likely to miss an alert and more likely to address a security incident early in the kill chain.

  3. You spend too much time on false positives
    No one has an unlimited security budget. You want your security team to focus on the tasks that matter most. Unfortunately, analyzing and resolving false positives can take a lot of their time. Security as a Service provides the first level of analysis and triage, making your team much more efficient. In addition to investigating and closing out false positives alerts, you get ongoing alert tuning that reduces noise going forward.

  4. You don’t have any easy way to prioritize vulnerabilities
    There are some great vulnerability scanning tools available. The challenge is to review and prioritize the findings, especially when a typical report might be thousands of pages long. Security as a Service using Cygilant’s SOCVue platform includes scan management, vulnerability prioritization and integrated ticketing, so that you can quickly review, assign and track remediation efforts.

  5. Your process is not repeatable and auditable
    Almost any security framework, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC and NIST, will require a documented process for continuous security monitoring, vulnerability management, and patching. The reason is that proactive security needs to go beyond day-to-day firefighting. Security as a Service through the SOCVue platform has built-in workflows, change management controls, and reporting that help an organization implement repeatable, auditable processes for information security.

  6. You don’t have performance metrics
    One key to an effective process is measurability. Performance metrics help you understand how well your team is meeting goals and where improvement is needed. With Security as a Service you can track your performance in responding to incidents, patching systems and mitigating vulnerabilities. Even better, you can prove the value of your security program to senior management, the board of directors and the key decision makers who fund your security efforts.

  7. You want to make your compliance audit as painless as possible
    Security audits are a fact of life in most industries these days. You want it to be over as quick as possible so that you can get back to your primary IT and security duties. Security as a Service ensures you have all the security data and reports that an auditor needs. The Cygilant security operations team is there to help you prepare and respond to auditor requests in a timely fashion, so the auditors get what they need, you get on with your life, and everyone is satisfied.

Learn more about Cygilant Security as a Service with this brief video:Curious How SOCVue Can Help? Watch Now


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