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The Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security

Posted by Security Steve on Oct 22, 2019

Updated October 2019

Although data privacy and data security are often used as synonyms, they share more of a symbiotic type of relationship. Just as a home security system protects the privacy and integrity of a household, a data security policy is put in place to ensure data privacy. When a business is trusted with the personal and highly private information of its consumers, the business must enact an effective data security policy to protect this data. The following information offers specific details designed to create a more in depth understanding of data security and data privacy.

Data Security

Data security is commonly referred to as the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data. In other words, it is all of the practices and processes that are in place to ensure data isn't being used or accessed by unauthorized individuals or parties. Data security ensures that the data is accurate and reliable and is available when those with authorized access need it. A data security plan includes facets such as collecting only the required information, keeping it safe, and destroying any information that is no longer needed. These steps will help any business meet the legal obligations of possessing sensitive data. 


Data Privacy

Data privacy is suitably defined as the appropriate use of data. When companies and merchants use data or information that is provided or entrusted to them, the data should be used according to the agreed purposes. The Federal Trade Commission enforces penalties against companies that have negated to ensure the privacy of a customer's data. In some cases, companies have sold, disclosed, or rented volumes of the consumer information that was entrusted to them to other parties without getting prior approval. 


Data Security vs Data Privacy

Companies need to enact a data security policy for the sole purpose of ensuring data privacy or the privacy of their consumers' information. A data security policy is simply the means to the desired end, which is data privacy. However, no data security policy can overcome the willing sell or soliciting of the consumer data that was entrusted to an organization. 


Ensure Data Privacy with a Data Security Policy 

Making sure all company data is private and being used properly involves multiple layers of security. But sometimes you just need help.

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