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SOC as a Service is More Than Security Automation

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jun 29, 2018

soc as a service automationI’ve written previously that Automation Can’t Replace People in a security program. This week, an article on DarkReading provided more data points on this topic. The shortage of skilled security talent is very real, with just 45% of organizations reporting their security teams were fully staffed according to a DarkReading survey earlier this year. According to a study by (ISC)2 also cited in  the article, the shortfall is projected to reach 1.8 million by 2022. As a result, organizations are struggling to hire the staff they need to secure their organizations.

In response, many vendors are touting the capabilities of automation within their products, to enable an existing security team to be more efficient and handle more tasks more quickly. This is all well and good, but automation alone can only improve efficiency, it can’t replace the critical role played by humans. While machine learning and AI continue to improve and lead to greater accuracy and reduced false positives, a human team is still required to interpret results and take action. Human teams must also be skilled at utilizing the advanced tools to gain value provide by automation.  According to a third study cited in the article, “only 35% of organizations say their organizations have the in-house skills to effectively use security automation for responding to threats.”  If the tools are not configured properly, or results go unaddressed, disaster can occur. Even the best tools, with advanced automation, can only enhance--not replace--a team of knowledgeable security experts.

At Cygilant, we recognize that security teams are struggling with limited budgets and staff, and we provide more than just best-of-breed technology within our integrated platform. We also deliver a 24x7 global SOC team of security experts who act as an extension of your team to manage the solution and provide round-the-clock coverage, security best practices, and guidance to continuously improve your organization’s security posture. Cygilant combines the technologies for increased efficiency through automation with the team of experts needed to properly manage and get the most out of these technologies. Our SOC-as-a-Service solutions can help your organization gain the security team it needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring and building a SOC on your own.

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