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Reducing Business Risk

Posted by Miguel De Los Santos on Feb 7, 2018

Reduce Business RiskKeeping the scale in your favor during an average production day always proves to be difficult. The list of vulnerabilities has grown unmanageable.  In many cases, there are lengthy reports to review, spreadsheets to update, and worsePDFs to comb through. Meanwhile, threat actors continue to develop zero-day vulnerabilities along with weaponizing known vulnerabilities; some of which go as far back as 2006.  

When remediating these vulnerabilities, it is imperative to work smart, not hard. As you research methods to develop a plan to reduce the risk for the business strategy keep the following in mind: Technology, Process, and People.  



Leveraging the proper technology that provides full visibility into the Operating System (OS) and third-party applications. Do not pigeon-hole yourself by using solutions for that one cool feature. Time-to-value is very important. Technology that takes too long to deploy or doesn’t cover all your critical applications only increases your workload and develops more frustration within your workforce. Shouldn't it be solving it? Business’ require quick and swift action. The technology you leverage should enhance your workflow. 



A properly developed process that compliments strategy with knowledge of core business processes puts you at an advantage over threat actors. Therefore, integrating the technology in a way that improves your teams process is critical. A place where vulnerabilities and patches are reviewed from a single pane of glass that everyone has access to is just as valuable to the process as discovering them. How do you know who has reviewed your patches? Who approved them? If you do not track this, or if your first reaction is to go to Microsoft Excel, that is a problem. Your team should have a layered approval process where there is a proper audit trail of your decisions. 



While finding the proper technology and developing your business process for detecting and resolving your vulnerabilities, it is essential to involve people top-to-bottom within your organization. Everyone from the helpdesk employee to the CEO should value the importance of business risk vs. productivity. Your solutions should enhance productivity and decisions should revolve around the opportunity to streamline the go-to action: discover, prioritize, assess, and report. In many cases, businesses force their teams to run through machine-capable tasks, which only prolongs these processes. People should be providing the contextual analyst for the business as they realize what is a genuine critical risk and are able to mitigate any impact on business. 


If your organization would like assistance with reducing its business risk, Cygilant can help. Learn more about our SOCVue security operations and analytics platform which combines people, process, and technology to help customers reduce cyber risk and meet compliance objectives. 

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