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Out at RSA This Week? Come See Us!

Posted by Steve Harrington on Feb 24, 2020

This week we’ll be out at the biggest security conference in the universe – the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco. We’re looking forward to meeting some new folks, learning about some new technologies and trends – and most of all, spreading the word about how our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offering can make a difference for companies that have limited resources, but all of the urgent cybersecurity needs of the world’s biggest companies.

As you may have seen, last week we launched another innovative solution to help companies deal with the ever-expanding, ever-changing cybersecurity space: our partnership with the UK’s Barac. Check out the press release we issued for more detailed information.

The standardization of encryption as the way that information is shared is, of course, a great thing. But as with any new advance, there are people looking to exploit it. Cybercriminals are using encryption to bring malware and attacks inside your network without being detected. This is why our team-up with Barac is so important – and why we’re out at RSA this week to let people know about it.

Stopping them is not as simple as decrypting traffic – as that violates numerous privacy rules and opens up a whole different package of problems for your company. Barac is the only company that has a solution that lets you discover what’s in your encrypted traffic without decrypting it. Their approach removes any concerns over latency, is highly scalable, and does not put enterprises in breach of compliance regulations.

And we’re thrilled to be the company bringing it to you.

So while you’re out at RSA, stop by and see us at Barac’s booth, #1647D. We’re looking forward to showing off the new encrypted traffic visibility solution and learning how we can help you be more secure, even when limited resources make it tough to do so.

If you’re having trouble connecting with us, or find RSA just too busy and would like to meet up after the show, drop us a line anytime at

Hope to see you there!

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