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MacOS Patch Management

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jan 18, 2018

macos.pngWe’re excited to announce that our patch support has been extended to MacOS. The Cygilant Patch Management service now covers Windows, Linux, Mac and applications like Adobe, Java, and the leading web browsers.

Manually checking for and applying patches in is almost an impossible task. Do you prioritize servers or employee workstations or third-party applications? Do you focus on security fixes or compatibility updates? And how do you keep track of which patches have been applied? These are difficult questions for any IT team. IT teams are struggling to keep on-premises, data center, and cloud infrastructure up to date with latest versions of operating systems, databases and third-party applications. Without the right investments in people, process, and technology, an organization can quickly fall behind on critical patches that address security and compliance requirements.

With regular scanning and patching, you’ll quickly reduce your attack surface and avoid the most common exploits being used in data breaches today. And with SOCVue scorecard reports, you’ll be able to track and report on key metrics that show auditors and senior management that your team is maintaining a strong security and compliance posture. By extending support to include MacOS patches, we're helping to ensure our customers keep all of their systems up to date with the latest patches against vulnerabilities like Spectre and Meltdown

To learn more about SOCVue Patch Management, watch this brief video:

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