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It’s Time to Audit Your Cybersecurity Program!

Posted by Security Steve on Dec 6, 2017

time_for_audit.jpgSeemingly, every week there are new security breaches reported; recently Uber and PayPal both announced that customer data may have been stolen by attackers.  In the case of Uber, 57 million passengers’ data may have been leaked.  Further, Uber also paid $100,000 dollars to the attackers and requested they sign non-disclosure agreements.  This indicates that Uber may have intended to illegally withhold the breach from its customers.  PayPal, on the other hand, identified a possible vulnerability in TIO Networks and reported that 1.6 million customer records may have been exposed.  TIO Networks is a subsidiary of PayPal acquired in July that mainly processes utility bill payments at kiosk locations like Rite Aid.  While the complete details of these breaches have not been disclosed these events continue to articulate the need for companies to evaluate their cybersecurity programs.

As industry leaders, companies like Uber and PayPal tend to have well-established cybersecurity programs. Where established programs generally fall short is their ability to review and audit security processes.  Evaluating the activities performed by cybersecurity programs is as equally important as performing the actions themselves.  For example, if the security process requires running a vulnerability scan monthly, but you release product updates twice a month, you may leave vulnerabilities exposed or completely unidentified.  Gaps like these could go unaddressed for long periods of time; sometimes gaps are only addressed after a security breach takes place.  A proactive cybersecurity program should integrate with business operations and enhance them with security knowledge and activities.  Additionally, each of these enhancements should be reviewed regularly to evaluate their effectives and overall contribution to security goals.

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