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Increase ROI with Managed Security Services

Posted by Trevan Marden on Apr 6, 2018

Increase ROIWhen resources are unlimited, you can afford wasteful spending. But for most organizations with limited IT budgets and too few staff, it’s important to invest your security spend wisely. This means finding the ways to stretch your dollar further and get better value out of your investments. You can’t afford to waste money on solutions that are never deployed or require staff you don’t have to manage.

One terrific way to increase the return on investment for your cybersecurity budget is to leverage managed security services. Here’s how managed services can help your security budget go further:

  • Subscription model - No large upfront software purchase; pay as you go.
  • Scalable solution - Meets your needs today and in the future - buy only what you need today and remain able to expand quickly and easily at any time you need to fit your changing business.
  • Multiple integrated solutions – Rather than purchasing individual point products that don’t talk to each other and don’t integrate well, leverage a security service that combines multiple solutions into a single pane of glass to get a full picture view at a glance.
  • Not just a tool but a team - Who can help install, tune, and provide guidance – an extension of your team.
  • No need to hire - No need to hire additional staff to manage a new solution; no expensive training to pay for. You instantly gain access to an expert team that already know how to get the most out of the solution.
  • Fast ROI - Start getting value as soon as the service is deployed. By leveraging experts who know the solution inside and out, you’ll be up and running quickly. You won’t need to waste time learning and tweaking the systems on your own.

At Cygilant, we offer managed security services that cover SIEM and log management, vulnerability management, and patch management. We offer an integrated dashboard across services to help customers quickly address potential threats and incidents and proactively reduce their attack surface. We help customers improve their security posture and meet compliance mandates while reducing the burden on the internal security team allowing them to better focus their energy and time.

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