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How Vulnerability Management Prevents Hacks

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jul 13, 2018

vulnerability managementWith so many data breaches in the news, organization everywhere are reviewing their cybersecurity programs to ensure they stay out of the headlines. Since many high-profile data breaches have been caused by unaddressed vulnerabilities for which patches were available, organizations are increasingly looking to deploy solutions to help close these gaps.

How does vulnerability management help prevent hacks? 

Usually when vulnerabilities are announced, the companies whose devices or software are affected release a patch to close the hole. Hackers exploit the lag time between disclosure and when users actually apply the patch. Hackers know many users and organizations will struggle to keep up. Often available patches are never installed because the organization lacks visibility into systems and the software running on each device and the available patches or lack time to test and deploy the patches.

In 2017, over 14,600 vulnerabilities were disclosed. That’s more than double the previous year. Yet, despite the increasing number of vulnerabilities, organizations are typically not able to double their budgets or staff to meet the increasing demands. This means the organization must become more efficient to keep pace. So, it may be no surprise that IT departments at organizations of all sizes are looking to deploy solutions to help prevent counteract these vulnerabilities and reduce their attack surface.

Vulnerability and patch management solutions can help prevent hacks by automating the process of identifying vulnerabilities and available patches as well as the process of pushing patches to applicable devices. However, traditional solutions are siloed and do not link vulnerabilities identified to the available patches. Organizations typically receive list of vulnerabilities to address and a list of patches needed to be installed from different solutions but cannot see the cross-link between them and don’t know which patches to handle most urgently.

Cygilant’s SOCVue Vulnerability and Patch Management provides a link between identified vulnerabilities and the patches that address them as well as scores based on risk to your organization. We also provide an auditable workflow to review, approve and schedule deployment of patches. Our 24x7 Global SOC team acts as an extension of your internal team to schedule scans and interpret results, arming you with actionable insight that helps reduce your attack surface and stay out of the headlines.

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