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How to Get a 24x7 SOC Team Without Hiring

Posted by Trevan Marden on Mar 16, 2018

24_7_logo.jpgIs your team overwhelmed and under-resourced? Extend your team and gain a 24x7 SOC without hiring for a single new position. Given the shortage of security talent in the market today, it can be extremely difficult to hire and retain qualified staff even if you have the resources. For those who don’t, it can be near to impossible. 

Cyber attacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, and it can be challenging for any organization to keep pace against the latest threats. Security technologies continue to evolve and advance in response, but technologies are numerous, expensive, and require a trained team to effectively manage the solution and receive value.  Solutions like SIEM, vulnerability management, and patch management can be burdensome to acquire and manage on your own. You need a 24x7 dedicated team to continuously monitor and work tirelessly to continuously improve your security posture.

What are you to do if you lack the budget and time to build your own SOC team? The answer is SOC as a Service, like SOCVue from Cygilant.  SOC as a Service allows organizations to benefit from a third-party team of SOC analysts who act as an extension of your team and take on some of the burdensome tasks. SOC as a Service pricing is also typically far less than the cost of building your own SOC from the ground up, given the costs of software, staffing, training, and other costs. Typically, SOC as a Service is offered as a subscription service, which further reduces the initial costs associated with large enterprise software purchases and can make enterprise-class technology more accessible to smaller organizations who might otherwise not be able to afford to purchase, let along manage, the technology. Organizations benefit from the service providers experience managing the technology for multiple customers and their increased knowledge of the threat landscape gained from multiple environments.

You can gain a 24x7 SOC team without hiring a single new person. Instead, leverage Cygilant’s team as an extension of your team to provide 24x7 coverage of security monitoring, schedule and run vulnerability scans, install and manage a patch management solution, freeing you up to take on other tasks. As a SOC2-certified service provider, our team can help you meet your security and compliance objectives and gain 24x7 coverage without having to hire.

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