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How SOC-as-a-Service Benefits Midmarket and Small Enterprise Organizations

Posted by Kevin Landt on Dec 11, 2015


Due to a growing complexity in information security, midmarket and small enterprise organizations need to find a readily available solution that can help them protect their data. One such option is a security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service, proposed by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) whitepaper, "SOC-as-a-service for Midmarket and Small Enterprise Organizations."


The whitepaper examines the rising challenges of cybersecurity, and presents ways for how SOC-as-a-service can help organizations effectively guard their online systems and networks from cyber attacks and data breaches.


Here are a few main key points the report offers:

The Increasing Difficulty of Information Security

According to ESG research, 79% of security professionals believe that network security has become more of a struggle to manage since 2013. This difficulty is due to several factors: an increasingly dangerous threat landscape (more powerful hackers, more sophisticated attacks), the growing complexity of IT (cloud computing, mobile computing, and infrastructure virtualization), and a dramatic shortage in qualified cybersecurity professionals.


Cyber attackers are developing their tactics, arsenals, and organizational structures faster than businesses can prepare their defensive countermeasures. The IT risk gap is therefore accelerating, and many firms—especially midmarket and small enterprise organizations—are outmatched. So instead of relying on an understaffed and underskilled internal team, firms need to turn to outside professionals, who are trained and focused on one priority: cybersecurity.

The Solution: SOC-as-a-service

Faced with the many problems of online security, organizations need to improve their capabilities for incident detection and response—after all, digital attacks are inevitable. To do this, they can turn to a managed security services provider (MSSP), also called a SOC-as-a-service.


SOC-as-a-service providers introduce security best practices into an organization, improve an organization's security data collection, processing, and analysis, and supplement an organization's internal skills. For example, a SOC team can identify and investigate suspicious network traffic by relying on real-time security data analytics. They can also supplement a firm's internal security team by offering around-the-clock network security monitoring.

SOCVue: Security Monitoring, SIEM, and More

One particular SOC-as-a-service solution, Cygilant's SOCVue, gives customers access to EiQ's certified security staff who provide continuous security monitoring to analyze security incidents, and offer documented guidance for remediation. The service also includes SIEM and log management technology. SOCVue implements security best practices for managing malware defense, data protection, account monitoring, incident detection and response, and much more.


With data reporting rigor and other benefits, SOCVue moves an organization beyond a reactive security posture to a proactive one, so that the firm's systems are safeguarded in advance of cyber attacks. For instance, organizations using SOCVue are no longer caught surprised by the latest zero-day threats.

The Necessity of Cybersecurity Expertise

Given the many reasons why cybersecurity is so difficult to manage, midmarket and small enterprise organizations need to take a serious look at their defense gaps and consider how SOC-as-a-service solutions might benefit them. Trying to upgrade in-house capabilities may not be a realistic option in today's threat landscape, as they require significant investments and cybersecurity expertise. With its strong security tools and network security monitoring from qualified Cygilant personnel, SOCVue can help ensure an organization stays safe from online predators and attacks.

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