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Introducing the From The Phones Blog Series

Posted by Colin Shea on Feb 10, 2020

We are excited to announce our new Blog and Video series called, “From the Phones”.
There is nothing like hearing from the person who is on the phone, speaking with hundreds of customers every month. This is where the true rubber meets the road. The learnings that can be gained from tapping into this audience are tremendous. And, we are pleased to share that information with you. 

We will be featuring several of our Cygilant team members as they discuss the challenges and issues that face Cybersecurity professionals in today’s ever-changing market. We hope you enjoy! 


Here on the sales team at Cygilant, we are on the front lines of helping organizations solve their IT security challenges. We constantly talk with CISOs and IT Managers from organizations of all types and sizes about the daily challenges and struggles they face in trying to keep their organizations safe from cyberattacks.

We wanted to have a place to share our experiences with them and to share advice we’ve learned in the process that might help you solve your own challenges. So, today we launch a new recurring blog series straight from Cygilant’s sales force – “From the Phones.”

For each post, a member of our team will be sharing a challenge an organization is facing followed by how we worked with the organization to solve the challenge. Sound good? Cool, let’s do it!

For today’s post, let’s talk about a credit union with 5-10 locations in the Southern United States, with assets between $250 million and $1 billion.

The Challenge: The credit union has a small security team and they are having a hard time keeping up with new technology (and their ability to manage the technology internally).

They were utilizing an on-prem Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, but were pressured into moving to a newer, more advanced cloud-based SIEM. With the new solution, the team found it burdensome to keep up with all the alerts they were being pushed. Not to mention it took them a great deal of time to analyze alerts and determine what was actually going on in their systems – whether there was an actual issue, or a false alarm. This caused concern within the team that they don’t actually have the visibility that they wanted and that something could slip through the cracks.

On top of that, the Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET) from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) was newly being applied to them, so they were under pressure to make sure their security program exceeded the compliance mandates.

The Solution: This small team was clearly in over their head and needed help, so we suggested they engage Cygilant’s SOC-as-a-Service platform. Through our unique three-pronged approach that combines people, process and best-of-breed technology, we are able to deliver this organization 24x7x365 visibility and control.

Working as an extension of their IT team, we took over the burden of managing the technology. Our Cybersecurity Advisors perform the L1-4 analysis of alerts and provide curated and actionable alerts for their IT team. We also provide reporting for regulators, so they can easily see how our solution is ensuring their processes are aligned with compliance mandates.

In return, this gives them the ability to spend more time on activities that directly impact the business and enables them to spend less time tracking down false positives or researching alerts. In the end, Cygilant gave them the peace of mind that their organization is secure and nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Is your organization facing a similar challenge? Drop us a note or request a demo today. We’re looking forward to helping you too! 

Watch the accompanying video here




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