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EiQ Networks in The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Shawn O'Brien on Sep 30, 2015



Continuous security monitoring has become the new norm for employers as they battle today's growing cyber security threats. Not only do they have to worry about threats from the outside, they have to be concerned about internal risk from employees as well. With so much to do in IT security already, how can employers alleviate some of the burdens? Working with EiQ Networks is an optimal way to resolve your company's IT security concerns because we have the right people, process, and technology in place to make it happen.


EiQ Networks was recently featured on The Wall Street Journal blog in a post entitled, Employers Turn to Surveillance to Curb Employee Risk. The article discusses the tremendous benefits of having a continuous monitoring service applied to your networks so you can always maintain a deep insight into what's taking place throughout your organization. EiQ Networks customer Jeremy Mio, security and research manager for Cuyahoga County, Ohio speaks to how EiQ's SOCVue service has allowed him to maintain the best security posture possible within his organization by providing real-time intelligence and notifications when any anomalous behavior is detected within the Cuyahoga County network. Read this article and see why you should consider EiQ Networks as the best option for your cyber security defense.


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