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EiQ Leverages the Latest Cloud Technology to Lower TCO and Drive Faster Time to Value

Posted by Security Steve on Sep 21, 2016



We’ve written recently about the importance of moving your IT security to the cloud and the business benefits of doing so, as well as burst some myths that surround cloud-based security. The fact of the matter is that vendors such as Amazon Web Services provide “a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. An advantage of the AWS cloud is that it allows customers to scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment. Customers pay only for the services they use, meaning that you can have the security you need, but without the upfront expenses, and at a lower cost than in an on-premises environment,” according to the company’s website.


EiQ Networks is taking advantage of security in the cloud with its recent introduction of the first fully managed cloud-native SIEM and Log Management solution. Built on the latest open source and big data technologies, EiQ’s new SecureVue® cloud delivers threat detection and compliance reporting with a lower total cost of ownership and faster time to value.


This new offering is tightly integrated with EiQ’s SOCVue® Security-as-a-Service platform, and delivers a faster, easier, and highly scalable implementation without the need to purchase and maintain hardware or employ dedicated SIEM/Log Management administrators, making it even more affordable. SOCVue Security Monitoring protects organizations from cyber threats and helps meet compliance mandates. With an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, demand for SOCVue services has set records for ten quarters in a row, with triple-digit year-over-year growth last quarter.


In a news release announcing SecureVue Cloud, Kevin Landt, Director of Product Management at EiQ Networks said that “Unlike SIEM technology with its legacy architecture retrofitted to the cloud, EiQ’s new SecureVue Cloud platform was built from the ground up with the latest and best-in-class open source and big data technologies. We are delivering on our promise to customers to provide a superior Security-as-a-Service offering that saves time and money while improving their security and compliance posture.”


SecureVue Cloud’s main features include:

  • Log Management – Collection, encryption, and archival of log data from a variety of IT assets, including network devices, security devices, servers, and applications.
  • Data Archiving – Secure log data archival for up to 12 months to meet regulatory and audit requirements.
  • Forensic Analysis – Fast and efficient search of large volumes of log data to aid in investigative and forensic analysis.
  • Threat Detection – Normalization, categorization, and correlation of data for real-time threat and anomaly detection and alerting.
  • Compliance Reporting – Compliance reporting to meet a variety of regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS, FFIEC, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and more.
  • Fully Managed – EiQ’s global SOC team of security and SIEM experts manage SecureVue Cloud 24x7x365.
  • Cloud-native Solution – Leverages the power of elastic AWS for scalability and availability.


“SecureVue Cloud delivers all the critical functionality and capabilities of leading on-premise and cloud-based SIEM/Log Management products, without the headaches of complexity and cost of hardware or application management -- making it one of the most advanced and affordable security monitoring solutions on the market today,” said Vijay Basani, Founder and CEO of EiQ Networks. “EiQ now offers cutting-edge big data security analytics, threat detection, and threat intelligence while delivering bottom-line business benefits to our customers.”


With the introduction of SecureVue Cloud, EiQ’s SOCVue Security Monitoring service can now be deployed as a fully managed cloud service or as an on-premise hybrid Security as a Service. Cloud deployment offers maximum flexibility, availability and scalability, and a lower total cost of ownership compared to alternate solutions and services. SecureVue Cloud and SOCVue run on AWS. More information on SOCVue Security Monitoring deployment options can be found here:


Regardless of which deployment option customers choose, they can access their security monitoring data anytime, anywhere, with the SOCVue Portal, which provides secure 24x7x365 access to:

  • Consolidated security and compliance posture
  • Continuous threat detection and analysis
  • Incident notification and remediation guidance
  • Ticket management
  • Security and compliance reports


More About SOCVue

EiQ delivers comprehensive proactive and reactive security monitoring to protect against modern-day cyber threats while meeting regulatory mandates. EiQ’s SOCVue Security Monitoring and SOCVue Vulnerability Management services combine the best people, process, and technology for an enterprise-class IT security program:


EiQ’s SOCVue Security Monitoring service gives customers visibility and control over their IT environment with around-the-clock threat detection, analysis and notification, proactive remediation guidance, and compliance auditing.


EiQ’s SOCVue Vulnerability Management service uses Qualys technology to mitigate risk with unlimited scans, analysis, and remediation guidance – so customers can focus on what matters most: their core business.


SOCVue gives customers the flexibility and cost savings of a Security-as-a-Service offering, and also provides a world-class team of security and technology experts to manage the technology around the clock and help implement cybersecurity best practices. SOCVue enables organizations to:

  • Reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining complex IT security solutions
  • Supplement existing IT staff with cybersecurity experts from EiQ’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Improve their IT security posture through proactive security monitoring and vulnerability assessment
  • Help meet compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC, GLBA, and more

More and more, organizations who were previously understaffed, underbudgeted, and overwhelmed are finding that EiQ’s hybrid security as a service that combine the best people, process, and technology are a welcome change from going it alone. EiQ is transforming how mid-market organizations build enterprise-class security programs. Acting as an extension of our customers’ IT teams, EiQ’s SOCVue provides continuous security operations based on best-of-breed technology at a fraction of the cost of alternate solutions. EiQ is a trusted advisor to organizations that need to improve their IT security and compliance posture by protecting their infrastructure against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. To learn more, please request a demo today!


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