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Cybersecurity Preparedness: 4 Suggestions for Every Company

Posted by Ben Harrison on Mar 17, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. As many companies embrace working from home, we must remain diligent to maintain cybersecurity. Unfortunately hackers will take advantage of any situation. Here are some tips.


1. Undertake a readiness test on your systems.

If your team isn’t already working from home, you need to plan for them to do so where possible ASAP. That means having everyone work from home so you can check the infrastructure, network and your security settings – before working from home may become mandatoryYou should pay particular attention to your VPN connections bandwidth, user counts, and security. These may become new targets for attackers along with the likes of video conferencing as we evolve to work in new ways. You want to ensure people can be productive while secure.


2. Phishing has increased.

We are becoming aware of a significant increase in the number of phishing emails which are trying to exploit coronavirus. Spend time reeducating your team on phishing emails. If your remote workers (or any for that matter) fall for a phishing email, you may see malware or other compromised activity.


3. Plan for staff shortages.

Our new reality is that we may see the spread of coronavirus throughout teams. Spend some time considering how you will cope. If your cybersecurity team of 3 are all quarantined, do you have a backup plan? At Cygilant, we have taken steps to plan for how our systems and people may be pushed to the brink. With offices globally, we are coordinating our teams so that there is no impact on our customer’s cybersecurity. That includes exercising our DR plans, implementing testing and checking all policies and procedures are in place. We recommend all companies to undertake the same exercise.


4. Don’t lose vigilance.

We must maintain cybersecurity standards. While malicious attackers will always attempt to take advantage of sensitive situations, we are not currently seeing evidence of a massive increase in attacks within our areas of coverage. As such, support your in-house people in being vigilant, but being considerate of resources. There may be a time in the coming weeks when you need more resources. Don’t burn through it now. Remain diligent and calm. With the right plans in place, we will all keep our employees and customers safe during this time of unprecedented challenges.

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