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Cybersecurity Hiring and Skills Gap is Still a Challenge

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jul 18, 2018

cybersecurity skills and hiringA report from Gartner announced this week on DarkReading found that nearly one out of three companies don’t have on-staff cybersecurity expertise. Gartner research director Rob McMillan and principal research analyst Sam Olyaei compiled the 2018 CIO Agenda Survey from over 3,000 respondents the article said. And while more organizations have cybersecurity staff than previous years, one third are still lacking a dedicated resource.

"Then there are certain organizations that actually look at this and say, 'We need a security expert, but we can't find one,'" Olyaei told DarkReading. "They either can't afford a certain skill set or aren't willing to spend the type of money security experts command." With CISO salaries and salaries of all security professional climbing and a global shortage of talent expected to reach a global shortfall of 3.5 million cyber security jobs by 2021 according to Cybersecurity Ventures, it can be tough for smaller organizations to retain the talent they need.  “Smaller institutions, such as local banks or credit unions, are stuck looking for employees with the same skill sets but will work for half the pay,” Olyaei told DarkReading.

But budgets aren’t the only problem for organizations seeking to build out their security teams. As solutions evolve quickly and become more complex, the pool of talent with training in using those solutions can be even harder to find.   "Even with a blank check, those skills don't exist," Olyaei said. And if talent can be found, training costs can make some security initiatives cost-prohibitive, taking months before a return on investment can be realized.

This is where Cygilant can help organizations most. For so many organizations obtaining the security team they need to properly secure their environment seems out of reach. However, Cygilant can help by providing the 24x7 Global SOC team of trained security expertise to complement on-staff expertise. Where organizations may not have dedicated security resources, Cygilant can assist IT teams to fill this function, enabling the existing IT team can efficiently identify and respond to critical security incidents and meet compliance requirements consistent with their industry. By leveraging our Security-as-a Service solutions as an alternative to hiring additional staff, organizations can quickly gain the expertise they need while minimizing costs. With our team to help deploy and configure the solution, our customers start receiving value almost immediately, with no expensive training or professional services expenses.

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