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Cybersecurity Experts Discuss: Process, Process, Process

Cybersecurity Experts Discuss: Process, Process, Process

Posted by Steve Harrington on Oct 13, 2020

In our next post featuring Ben Harrison, Director SOC and Security Services at Cygilant and Jake McCabe, CISSP, Presales Director at LogPoint, we discuss the power of process in keeping your business secure.  


Modern SOC is 100% process driven. You can’t wait until there is an emergency to work out how you’ll respond. You need to have planned and prepared in advance. That means keeping cybersecurity healthy with continual improvements within your technology, processes, and people.  


Create positive feedback loops so that if someone finds a problem, it gets recorded and is reviewed. In this feedback loop, you can use the review to put a solution in place for future problems. You also need to create a culture where initiative, problem solving and security excellence are the core to the SOC.


There is no secret ingredient for implementing an effective SOC. Realistically, it is a best practice, process-driven implementation. 


A modern SIEM supasses historical ones because it aligns to the processes you need instead of forcing you down routes which are ineffective or inefficient. 




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