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Cyberattacks & Remote Work: Services to Secure Your Endpoints

Posted by Kevin Landt on Feb 4, 2021

The requirement to secure endpoints has been increasing for the last few years. When the pandemic hit, those endpoints spiraled beyond many security professionals’ wildest dreams. But as our partner SentinelOne said:


“Security fell to the backburner because a.) organizations assumed this would be short-lived, and b.) they figured they could circle back to security once everything was up and running.”


So while security fell to the backburner, malicious actors seized the opportunity. Sentinel Labs, tracked adversarial behavior as it pertains to COVID-19/Coronavirus and observed a significant number of malware campaigns, spam campaigns, and outright scams that preyed on the fears and uncertainties of the global population.


“These ranged from fraud schemes related to economic stimulus programs offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration to the Maze ransomware hacking group attacking a British research company that was preparing to conduct trials of a COVID-19 vaccine.”


With these increased threats and endpoints, IT and security professionals are once again challenged with how to get the resources to stay cybersecure.


Endpoints can be anything from desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual environments, to IoT devices like wearable fitness devices, printers, smart TVs and even toaster ovens. Today’s challenge is that everything is digital, and protecting the endpoint isn’t as easy as it used to be. With employees working from home, any of these devices could be a problem for your network security.


Sentinel One advises a few steps to securing endpoints: understand what’s on your network, secure company devices, zero-trust security to connect remote employees and beware of phishing and malware campaigns. But for the stressed out, busy IT and security professional attempting to do everything from email and printer support to network security, more help is needed.


Managed Endpoint Security


Endpoint security requires technology, process and people for it to work. Cygilant has vetted numerous endpoint security technologies and chose to partner with Sentinel One. We did our homework for our customers, evaluating the technology and determined SentinelOne was best-of-breed.


But technology alone does not equal security. That’s where Cygilant provides the process and people to make endpoint security a reality.


  • Technology - SentinelOne predicts and protects endpoints, IoT devices, servers, containers, and cloud workloads from malicious activities at any stage of the attack chain – from the successful exploit to the last payload operation – all at machine speed.
  • Process – A fully managed solution, don’t worry about onboarding the new technology. Cygilant deploys and manages SentinelOne.
  • People –Combine SentinelOne with Cygilant Security Monitoring to gain 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service, managed SIEM from best of breed technology – LogPoint or AlienVault and a view into your security posture via the Cygilant SOCVue platform.

Selecting SentinelOne managed by Cygilant helps you address the challenges of preventing, detecting and responding to known and unknown endpoint attacks. Get a team of Cygilant cybersecurity experts to provide product support, reporting and regular reviews.


Learn more about Cygilant Managed Endpoint Security.


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