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College Improves Cybersecurity Posture with Cygilant Service

College Improves Security Posture with Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

Posted by Steve Harrington on Aug 27, 2020

With back to school upon us for universities, colleges and K-12, and unprecedented IT challenges, today we feature one college Cygilant has helped overcome its cybersecurity challenges with Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service.


Expanding Needs with Limited Resources


Colleges and universities are in a unique situation – they handle some of the most critical data on their networks every day: financial data, healthcare information and research. This is some of the most desired information by cybercriminals, making a college’s security protections be of the upmost importance.


The role of technology has continued to grow in importance across all areas of the college – campus life, academic pursuits, athletics and overall college administration. Because of this, the demands on this college’s IT systems have grown as well; new technologies require the bandwidth and security to match.


As the college’s IT team attempted to match this growth, a familiar situation appeared: the need to accomplish more with the same amount of resources.


Graduating to a Cybersecurity Service Partner


The College knew it needed cybersecurity help. There weren’t enough resources to manage the amount of security alerts the college received every day. When threat detection overwhelms a team, it often results in either missed important alerts, or too much time spent on false positives.


The college’s security team was worried that this and other critical day-to-day cybersecurity functions such as patch management and incident response could monopolize the time of the security team – and make concentrating on longer-term security goals nearly impossible.


The college turned to Cygilant for help.


Extending the Team


“We needed to identify ways we could be more efficient as a team, while still providing the same level of service that our students and faculty are accustomed to,” said a spokesperson on behalf of the IT team. “Technology plays a bigger and bigger role on- and off-campus each year – and we need to ensure availability of critical information and applications while keeping everything safe and secure. No one’s removing things from the cloud.”


The College turned to Cygilant to take advantage of the company’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service. Cygilant was able to provide a full team of security analysts at a fraction of the cost it would have taken for the College to employ them itself.


With Cygilant in place, the college’s security team could rest easy that a team of experts were cost-effectively monitoring the college’s networks 24x7 with the latest threat hunting, detection, patch management and incident response technologies.


A Class of Their Own


Cygilant’s security monitoring tools and team of Cybersecurity Advisors immediately began reviewing and flagging alerts of importance.


All information is presented in real-time in the Cygilant SOCVue platform, a single pane of glass view into the College’s security posture with personalized advice and recommended actions. This immediately freed the college’s overworked team from the task of sifting through security alerts and deciding which to act on.


“Knowing that experts were on the case made it easier to free ourselves from the day-to-day cycle of threat detection and remediation – and concentrate on areas that truly would support the future goals of the college,” added a college spokesperson.

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