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Clay Electric Powers its Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program with Cygilant

Posted by Cygilant Labs on Nov 9, 2021

Plugging into a Cybersecurity Power Source



Clay Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit electric power supplier headquartered in Keystone Heights, Florida. Formally organized in 1937 and member-owned, it is democratically organized and controlled by those it serves. It is one of the largest cooperatives in the United States and a member of Touchstone Energy – a national alliance of local, member-owned electric cooperatives committed to high standards of service.

The responsibility for Clay Electric’s security falls under Jonathan Skipper, a United States Air Force veteran with experience in quality assurance, infrastructure communications, and operations. Skipper joined Clay Electric as a cybersecurity analyst a little more than a year ago to help the CIO build a more robust IT program and develop a comprehensive cybersecurity policy, framework, and program.

Skipper had worked with Cygilant in a previous role, and knew he could count on the company to help him immediately extend Clay Electric’s security team bandwidth and strengthen its efforts to tackle security threats proactively.

“When I joined Clay Electric,” says Skipper, “I had to decide between deploying one product in-house or implementing a suite of services with Cygilant’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offerings. The decision was a no-brainer. With Cygilant I get technology and people to help me.”


Plugging into a Cybersecurity Power Source

Through Cygilant’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service model, Clay Electric had immediate access to enterprise-level cybersecurity – without the investment and resources it would take for an in-house solution.

The Cygilant SOCVue+ platform supports the company’s portfolio of services with best-of-breed security technologies run by a team of skilled security resources – including SentinelOne endpoint security, which Clay Electric leverages through its Cygilant services. The Cygilant team of cybersecurity experts manage Clay Electric’s own instance of the AT&T AlienVault SIEM solution.

SOCVue+ also provides leading-edge automated detection tools used by the cybersecurity analysts that staff Cygilant’s multiple 24x7x365 security operations centers (SOCs).

In the Cygilant SOC, Siemplify Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technology collects and consolidates data feeds from endpoints, systems, and other sources across Clay Electric’s environment. A dashboard presents the data and delivers critical visibility and drill-down capabilities for the experienced SOC analysts who continuously monitor the environment for threats and suspicious activity.

A dedicated Cygilant Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA) is the day-to-day contact for Skipper. Along with the SOC team, the CSA guides Clay Electric in responding to identified threats in its environment as needed.

“With Cygilant, I have a team that understands the events from our SIEM technology and can apply common sense,” Skipper explains. “I discuss alerts and fine-tune them with the team. I’m a hands-on cybersecurity analyst myself, so I’ll jump into both AlienVault and SentinelOne alongside them on the Cygilant SOCVue+ platform. Working as a collaborative team with this technology is powerful.”


Fueling Stronger Security

For Clay Electric, and for Skipper, Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provides critical on-demand and scalable access to powerful managed cybersecurity technology and resources that would not be affordable as an in-house solution.

“Having cybersecurity experts dedicated to my business is invaluable,” says Skipper. “With Cygilant, I don’t need to worry. I have a team that is watching my servers and logs 24x7x365. If they see something nefarious – at any hour of the day or night – they know how to reach me.” says Skipper. “And knowing that I have a dedicated staff who can assist during a crisis is critical when trying to mitigate a threat or issue gives me peace of mind.”

“I chose Cygilant not just because the technology is good. People make all the difference in the success of technology. And Cygilant has great people.

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