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Blackhat 2018: What to Expect

Posted by Jack Gill on Jul 20, 2018

Black_hatWith Black Hat USA  2018 coming up in a few short weeks, it seems like a good time to unpack the results of their 2018 USA Attendance Survey. The survey was distributed to anyone who either attended the 2017 conference or expressed interest in visiting the 2018 session. The report covers topics from updated office policies on Facebook use to approval of President Trump, and these are what we at Cygilant thought were the most important. We are most interested to know how information security professionals are spending their time and what they’re not looking forward to combating in the next year.

Information security staff are busy, and we were interested to know how we as a service provider can take some of that burden off their shoulders. The report revealed that the two biggest time sucks were regulatory compliance and socially engineered attacks.

40% of IT staff spend a majority of their day making sure that their system can handle audits and properly report compliance with various regulations. That’s more than targeted attacks and insider data leaks combined.

In the eyes of cybersecurity experts, the weakest link in any IT defense is the lack of a security architecture that can be forward thinking or proactive.  In other words, the Achilles’s heel of most organizations’ security is an inability to anticipate changes in the cybersecurity landscape. This is echoed by our own industry research and what we hear during outreach. It’s a classic case of “what got you here won’t get you there.”

The scary thing is that these people are incredibly experienced professionals at the largest .1% of firms (more than 1000 employees). If they can’t get ahead of the threats, even with their security research/analysis teams, then how can we possibly expect small businesses to adequately protect themselves moving forward?

The final insight out of the report that spoke to us was the proportion of workers who claimed that they are almost where they need to be in terms of security but could use just a little help. In all, 65% of IT security professionals could use some added muscle in their departments, and 48% “could use a little help,” opposed to the 12% who self-identified as “under water.”

Luckily for us, and for you, these are all areas in which we can offer significant assistance at a lowest total cost of ownership. Our team is 100% committed to your success from the initial contact. If you're ready to learn more, watch this quick video or request a demo.

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