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5 More Reasons to Consider a Managed Security Service

Posted by Kevin Landt on Nov 24, 2014

SOCVue for managed securityIn our last post we discussed five reasons why companies should consider utilizing a security service provider to fill budget, resource and skills gaps. Here is the continuation of 10 reasons to consider a managed security monitoring service instead of an in-house SIEM deployment:

6.  Get a faster return on your investment

The combination of trained professionals and established processes can lead to actionable security and compliance information in a relatively short period of time. The return on an in-house SIEM project depends greatly on your level of in-house expertise and resource commitment.

7.  Focus on your core mission

By offloading some of the more tedious aspects of security monitoring to a third party, your IT and security staff can spend more time on value-add activities that align with the organization’s primary goals.

8.  Keep up with larger competitors

Information security is becoming a competitive advantage in many industries. Companies that can be trusted with financial data and personal information will be better able to attract and retain customers and partners. Managed security monitoring allows resource-constrained organizations to keep a level playing field with larger enterprises.

9.  Maintain the ability to scale and adapt the solution

The hard work doesn’t end after installation. As your organization changes and grows, your security monitoring solution needs to adapt. The threat landscape is also evolving constantly. A subscription-based service often provides more flexibility than a perpetually-licensed software product - although most SIEM vendors are happy to help if you pay for a professional services engagement.

10.  Simplify your life

You have better things to do than monitor thousands of event logs and worry about your network security 24x7x365. When done right, the managed security monitoring provider becomes an extension of your own team. With security experts taking care of your security, you have one less thing to worry about.


Download: Is SOC-as-a-Service right for you?


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