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10 Reasons to Consider a Managed Security Service

Posted by Kevin Landt on Jun 10, 2019

describe the imageThere is no doubt that security monitoring is important regardless or company size or industry. According to the respected Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, “…we don’t see any industries flying completely under the radar. …everyone is vulnerable to some type of event.” The question is how to implement an effective program. Many companies jump into a project without considering managed security monitoring as an alternative to an in-house SIEM deployment.


There are certainly good reasons to implement an in-house program. Your organization may already have security professionals on staff and have the resources to run a 24x7 operation, or special restrictions like the security clearance required in a government agency. However, most organizations do not fit these criteria and might benefit from a managed security monitoring solution.


Here are 10 reasons to consider a managed security monitoring service instead of an in-house SIEM deployment:

1.  Take advantage of a trained & experienced security team

Why attempt to build a security team from scratch when you can utilize an existing security operations center? There is currently a severe shortage of trained information security professionals. Building an in-house team of security professionals will take a large amount of time and effort, and you may still come up short on the skills you need. On-demand security talent is key point in favor of managed services.

2.  Minimize your labor costs

The scarcity of trained security professionals also leads to high costs. With a managed service, you can often receive around-the-clock security monitoring for less than the cost of staffing one shift in-house.

3.  Lower your fixed costs and increase your budget flexibility

Instead of a large upfront fixed cost for SIEM software, personnel hiring and professional integration services, managed services are a variable cost spread out over the life of the subscription. This model can provide more flexibility when budgeting IT expenditures.

4.  Improve security by leveraging shared expertise and threat intelligence

Managed security providers have insight into a wide cross-section of clients and industries. This perspective allows the provider to gain a large security knowledgebase, which helps them to respond to security threats across their entire customer base.

5.  Gain efficiency from a set of well-tested processes

In addition to the security intelligence gained by working with diverse clients, security monitoring service providers also have deployment and operational experience in a wide range of organizations. This experience can lead to well-thought out processes to optimize the security monitoring service.


Continued (Reasons 6-10)


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