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Security Expenses a Concern for Government Contractors

Posted by Security Steve on Sep 8, 2014

Hackers are increasingly going after government data. Private government contractors tend to be targeted by cybercriminals “because the U.S. federal government – the largest producer, collector, consumer, and disseminator of data in the world – entrusts sensitive information to these private companies. This includes everything from national security secrets, to information on the nation’s military and critical infrastructure, to the personal information of all U.S. citizens and residents,” according to Forbes.

In the US, hackers stole data from a firm that performs background checks on U.S. government employees. The firm, US Investigation Services, stored “highly personal information of workers at the Department of Homeland Security's headquarters as well as its U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection units,” reported Reuters.

Government agencies and departments are also at risk of a cyber attack, but they could also suffer the negative consequences of employee negligence. In the UK, the Ministry of Justice was fined £180,000 after losing a confidential hard drive in 2013. The unencrypted hard drive contained the details of nearly 3,000 prisoners in the Erlestoke prison, and “included material on organized crime, prisoners' health and drug misuse, and information about inmates' victims and visitors.”

Cybersecurity has become a growing concern in government agencies. As more reports of cybersecurity breaches make the news, people are wary of who has access to their cyber data. Despite this, the White House’s cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel said that being too informed on the technical level about cybersecurity could be harmful.

“Being too down in the weeds at the technical level could actually be a little bit of a distraction. You can get enamored with the very detailed aspects of some of the technical solutions. And, particularly here at the White House ... the real issue is to look at the broad, strategic picture and the impact that technology will have,” said Daniel in an interview with Information Security Media Group.

At EiQ, our job is to focus on the detailed aspects of technical solutions. We know that government security is paramount, especially as hackers find more sophisticated ways to break into networks. Government agencies and departments need to be wary since they are targeted by cybercriminals who want massive amounts of personal data. EiQ’s SecureVue software provides private contractors with the expertise of a trained cybersecurity staff, without the expense of having to hire them. With EiQ’s software-as-a-service, private contractors can focus on their company goals while we handle the security.

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