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Outsourcing Your SOC

Posted by Security Steve on Jul 28, 2014

It should be common knowledge that the security of your company data is one of the most critical functions of an Information Technology program. It’s also one of the most budget- and resource-intensive functions, as well. With all of the directions you can get pulled in every day, having to deal with the headache of your security posture shouldn’t be at the top of your list. That’s where outsourcing your information security comes in. Data security outsourcing, specifically security monitoring, can be a viable and intelligent option when it comes to keeping the data in your organization secure, and it allows you to keep security levels high without having to allocate precious resources to those functions. 


Among the many benefits of outsourcing security, allowing an external vendor to carefully care for your data opens your existing resources up to be utilized fully. Your chosen vendor will specialize in security and have a detailed understanding of how to get maximum results from your assets. They will also know how to handle sensitive data within the strict regulations of government compliance mandates.


Many organizations, even though they know the benefits of outsourcing their data security operations, struggle with how to select the correct company. As a company with both award-winning software and industry-renowned security services, we at EIQ Networks have two simple, yet tried and true, ways to make sure you’re getting the most qualified vendor for your organization.


Interview Your Potential Vendors

This one may seem straightforward, but make sure you ask potential vendors important and relevant questions about the services they offer and how they pertain to your organization and industry. We recommend analyzing them against these five critical queries:

  1. Can a third party vendor provide a better quality of service?
  2. Can a third party vendor do it for the same or lower cost?
  3. Can a third party vendor meet all compliance requirements?
  4. Can you verify that the vendor will deliver what it claims?
  5. Is the vendor’s service built on proven technology?


Look at How The Ways They Can Add Value

Ultimately, you won’t trust your company’s data to a company who cannot add value over and above what your internal team could do. Value isn’t always a black and white answer and will vary from organization to organization. While you will be able to determine what it means to your company, here are some common values that outsourced security can bring to your company:

  • Cost
  • Specialized knowledge and skills
  • Time
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation and thought leadership
  • Benchmarks
  • Best practices
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