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Top IT Security Trends from Gartner’s Risk Management Summit

Posted by Vijay Basani on Jul 2, 2014

Gartner just held its annual Security and Risk Management Summit, and has identified the top security challenges and threats companies will likely face over the next year. A recent article in NetworkWorld picks up on many of the findings and takeaways as organizations look to fortify their security in response to ongoing persistent threats.


Many of these findings and the topics discussed underscore the need for organizations to be hyper vigilant in their security practices, marked by continuous monitoring and threat assessment. So much so that Gartner notes that by 2017, one third of large enterprises engaging in business will have a “digital risk officer.”


NetworkWorld points out that the role of the digital risk officer will be to assess every aspect of digital connectivity, including any put in place through IoT efforts, in order to ensure that security protections can scale into the millions if necessary. Any digital innovation will be subject to review by the digital risk officer, who is expected to have oversight over traditional tasks the CISO performed, such as enterprise network security and compliance.


This is a tall order for many resource-constrained organizations. As technologies become more complex and pervasive throughout the enterprise, they will be increasingly harder to monitor and secure.


For example, Verizon Data Breach Investigative Reports for the last 2 years clearly demonstrate that small to medium enterprises are increasingly becoming a target of security breaches. However, the complexity of procuring, deploying, and managing security monitoring solutions continues to be a significant industry challenge for a significant number of organizations today.


As the speed of technology innovation continues to accelerate, it will drive significant improvements in how we do business, but will also create new complexities from a security standpoint.


Security is approaching a critical inflection point.  It’s critical that companies acknowledge the challenges ahead and look for ways to optimize the effectiveness of their internal resources by building relationships with partners that can help them keep pace with today’s threats.


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