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Looking at SIEM and Beyond– New IT Survey Shows What’s Important Now

Posted by Vijay Basani on Mar 10, 2014

eiq siemEiQ is often referred to as pioneer SIEM but we are also considered visionary and willing to break the mold.  Committed to the challenges of combating today’s information security threats with renegade information security and compliance solutions and services, EiQ is also laser focused on transforming how organizations identify threats, mitigate risks and enable compliance.


Understanding the changing market for SIEM tools and technology helps us see what the future holds. 


In our quest to get granular on the complexity of SIEM, we have identified why SIEMs are so difficult to manage; if and how SIEM technology is actually improving threat management and incident response. Every SIEM is different and use cases are varied. It’s not just a cut and dry offering: how easy a SIEM is to deploy, it’s about understanding the analysis environment.


 To deliver this analysis, SIEM vendors and service providers aim to incorporate more data, threat-intelligence feeds, and other information into how a SIEM systems works.  Yet most products still do not take into account the context of the data and the risks that a company faces. We know that amassing data does not help companies determine where their security posture falls down, nor do they deliver  better visibility into potential threats and targeted attacks. But that is about to change as SANS and other best practices come into play.


We know a broader scope solution is necessary to address newer threats such as APTs and cyber attacks not to mention the costly and all-consuming task of compliance and reporting. Even with all the complexity and difficulty of SIEM deployments and upkeep, many companies are still considering SIEM systems or have already embarked on network-monitoring projects.  


Last month EiQ surveyed hundreds of IT pros (staff, admin, management and c-level) across industries, in our ongoing quest to understand what value SIEMs are currently delivering and how companies are trying to manage their businesses in the current information security environment. We are looking beyond how legacy SIEM functions and going for a broader understanding of how the market and demands are changing every 6 months. 


Our most recent survey of IT pros found new indicators i.e. top challenges to Risk Management in 2014; why IT management would even consider replacing a current SIEM; and they primary drivers behind the use of SIEM.  We are seeing  heavily weighted responses about the level of concern about security breach (growing) and the confidence IT pros have in the security measures,  designed to protect from all scenarios.  Many of those we surveyed don’t even have a SIEM in place. Which gives us another glimpse into how things could change dramatically in the next few months.


Check out the latest EiQ Infographic



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