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3 Topics of Discussion from the 2014 RSA Conference

Posted by Vijay Basani on Mar 5, 2014

This week, those of us in the security industry were busy attending the RSA conference, which was held February 24-28th in San Francisco, CA. Every year, the RSA conference brings together the industry’s best to discuss a wide variety of topics in the information security field. Attendees of the conference are there to learn more about IT securities most important current issues. As this industry continues to grow and grow, the RSA conference is a great way in which security experts across the globe can come together to connect and gain more insight into the issues facing the information security industry.



This year’s conference has ended and with that comes insight and talk into what this year’s trends are and what people are focusing more on. We have outlined just a few of the topics which were on the top of mind at RSA 2014.

  • Cyber attacks, as expected, was top of conversation: With the recent onslaught on cyber attacks on major corporations such as Target and Neiman Marcus,  how companies can better defend themselves against these cyber attacks was a big concern amongst the security professionals at RSA. More and more companies are looking beyond firewalls to add more and more technology to advance the protection from these types of attacks.
  • BYOD continues to be a top concern: With more and more companies allowing their employees to be able to choose their own devices while accessing important company data, it leaves security experts with concerns on the best ways in which we can prevent security breaches from occurring.
  • There is a need for better security education: One of the topics of discussion we were glad to hear about was the talk of supporting the education of IT security not only within the industry itself, but also within schools so we can support the next generation of IT security experts.

As providers of information security solutions, RSA allows us to see what’s out there and try to rise to today’s challenges in order to be able to deliver security solutions that provide exceptional results in minimizing risk of threats. We here at EiQ Networks are continuing to improve and expand our solutions in order to provide our customers with the best security solutions that will protect their data from the advanced risks that we see today.  For more information on our security solutions please visit



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