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Best-of-Breed Cybersecurity Technologies_ What does this really mean_

Best-of-Breed Cybersecurity Technologies: What does this really mean?

Posted by Rob Scott on Feb 4, 2021

For security professionals, the term “best-of-breed” is used at length to describe the latest and greatest technologies. Often seen as a buzz word, how do you tell if something is truly best-of-breed? In a haystack of cybersecurity vendors, how do you find the needle?


That’s why today I ask: so what? I’ve heard it before, I’ve said it before, so what do we really mean by best-of-breed technologies?


Cygilant is a cybersecurity services company. We provide the people, technology and process to resource constrained mid-sized organizations that need help keeping up with cybersecurity. One of our core principles is to only work with best-of-breed vendors. Today I’ll answer that “so what” so you know what you get when you work with us.


Choosing the Right Technology

Just as you need to identify cybersecurity solutions to add to your toolbox, so does Cygilant. We must have an endpoint security solution, a SIEM, a vulnerability management tool and patch management tool. All of these tools are necessary for us to run our global SOC on behalf of our hundreds of customers. That means we need to bet our business on a technology (because let’s face it, if it doesn’t work, our services won’t be great).


To select our portfolio of partners – SentinelOne, LogPoint, AT&T Cybersecurity, Ivanti or Qualys – we have first done just as every vendor – created a short list to vet. At this stage, we run though our checklist of requirements. Our checklist is in many cases more robust than a single company as we are considering use cases across our portfolio of customers and their compliance requirements. Once we’ve identified the standout technology, we engage in POCs. That way we can test that the technology truly does what it says. Only when we have completed this process do we fully understand if the technology is best-of-breed.


And this is valuable.


We Save You Time and Resources

Most often, you know that you need a new technology to help you solve a cybersecurity problem. But the time and resource to undertake what we’ve described simply is too cumbersome. At the end of the day many companies end of up with either shelf ware that they aren’t quite sure how to use or with uncertainty around if the tool is working currently. And products by vendors go obsolete fairy quickly. By partnering with recognized best of breed technologies, you can be sure that these technologies will strive for innovation and best in class.


When you work with Cygilant, we’ve done that heavy lifting for you already. We know that the technologies we recommend are the best because our team uses them every day to protect our customers. And we are only as good as our technology partners. In addition, these solutions are noted by the industry as leaders in their respective market categories.


When you choose best-of-breed technologies that Cygilant has selected, you know they will work. And when you choose Cygilant cybersecurity-as-a-service, you get our expertise on implementing, tuning, and managing those tools. That saves you time and resources from finding tools to making them work and, finding people resources that are getting harder and harder to find.


If you are looking for endpoint security, SIEM, vulnerability or patch management, start with Cygilant. You will save a tremendous amounts time and effort with our vetted and trusted partners.


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