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Benefits of Taking a Proactive Approach to Threat Monitoring

Posted by Security Steve on Nov 9, 2016

Companies must also be on the lookout for emerging IT threats.
Companies must also be on the lookout for emerging IT threats.

Companies can't sit back and react to cyber attacks. They must get in front of them by proactively monitoring IT threats.

While there are many reasons threat monitoring is (or should be) a key part of any successful business model, we've outlined two here. 

1. Stay ahead of cybercriminals

"Businesses must stay ahead of cybercriminals by focusing on their security policies."

Cyber crimes won't decrease, and this should worry businesses. That's why it's critical companies increase their IT security measures so they can prevent devastating data breaches.

 "We are facing an arms race in terms of [IT] security," said Derek Manky, Fortinet Global Security Strategist, according to CNBC. As cybercriminals continue to improve their arsenal, companies continue to fight day and night to stay one step ahead by developing their IT defense systems.

Manky's comment begs us to ask this question: Even if companies do devote resources to cybersecurity, can they really keep up with criminals who also have a vast amount of assets?

Some experts, such as Arati Prabhakar, Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, offer a bleak picture about the current IT landscape and how companies can turn the tide against advanced hackers.

"The attacks are happening in microseconds, so today all we can do is patch and pray, and keep throwing human beings at the problem," explained Prabhakar, according to Government Technology. "We are looking for a fundamentally different way to get faster than the pace of the growth of the threat."

While Prabhakar does bring up a great point about the increased amount of attacks, we're a bit more hopeful in terms of how companies can defend themselves. To do so, large and small businesses must stay ahead of cybercriminals by focusing on their security policies, noted Manky. Further, hiring top-notch IT security experts and taken advantage of the latest anti-virus and malware technology can ward off many potentially disastrous strikes. Additionally, for companies that lack time, budget, and resources, they should consider managed IT security services to fill the gap.

2. Protect the bottom line

By taking a proactive approach to threat monitoring, companies can better protect their bottom lines. And trust us when we say this approach is especially crucial for American companies, which are losing an astronomical amount of money compared to their European counterparts after undergoing a cyber attack.

A new report commissioned by Hewlett Packard and the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime reported that cyber crimes cost American businesses roughly $15 million per year on average. The global average sits at just under $8 million per year.

Companies have a choice: They can either budget for IT security or they can budget for when they get attacked. We believe it's much less expensive to devout resources to your IT team now than pay after a breach in terms of lost customers and revenue.

How You Can Gain Peace of Mind

EiQ offers two SOCVue® hybrid security-as-a-service solutions that can help organizations of any size affordably and effectively improve their cybersecurity and compliance posture:

  • SOCVue Security Monitoring gives you visibility and control over your IT environment. You’ll get best-of-breed Log Management and SIEM that is managed around-the-clock for real-time threat detection, analysis and notification, proactive remediation guidance, and compliance auditing.
  • SOCVue Vulnerability Management reduces your attack surface and mitigates risk with unlimited managed scans, analysis, risk prioritization, and remediation guidance. Focus on what matters most: your core business.

EiQ’s SOCVue combine the best people, process, and technology to build the enterprise-class IT security program your organization needs. That’s because SOCVue gives you the flexibility and cost savings of a security software-as-a-service offering, but also provides a world-class team of security and technology experts to manage the technology and help implement cybersecurity best practices.

With all the challenges you face today while trying to keep your organization safe, having the best IT security solutions in your corner should not be one of them. Request a demo today to see how quickly and affordably you can improve your security and compliance posture with EiQ.

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