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Hidden Costs to Building a Security and Compliance Practice

Posted by Robert Porzio on Aug 25, 2016

Today’s already vast cyber threat landscape is growing rapidly. Developments in the state of business, commerce, and big data have caused security and compliance challenges—historically concerns for large enterprises—to apply to the small and mid-market. What’s more, data breaches have a growing business impact, as 60 percent of SMBs fail within 6 months of a data breach. This is causing security spending, fueled by the SMB market, to rise to a projected $81 billion just this year.

What to Consider When Choosing an Information Security Partner in Today's Threat Landscape

Posted by Robert Porzio on Mar 21, 2016

Due to extreme changes in the state of the Internet, commerce, and customer expectations, the way that mid-market organizations are utilizing technology has greatly evolved. Today’s ever-shifting and increasingly complex threat landscape has made this rapid evolution even more difficult as SMEs continue to accumulate proprietary, customer, and employee data. 

Choosing the Right Security Partner for 2016

Posted by Robert Porzio on Dec 23, 2015

The cyber threat landscape is an ever-changing phenomena, as organized groups of cyber criminals and nation-sponsored hackers with far-reaching resources and knowledge wreak havoc. This evolved cyber landscape has left mid-market organizations, those with small (if any) IT departments, having to field constant threats with limited in-house resources, often unsuccessfully. In fact, 71% of cyber-attacks are targeted at organizations with fewer than 100 employees.

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